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Insulated Wire & Cable Manufacturing

Pan-Asia manufactures high quality insulated electric wire and cable suitable for low-voltage communication applications, combining highly flexible, fine wire copper stranding with a variety of jacketing and insulating materials, so to enhance our cable assembly services flexibility and provide customers the best offer.

Factors such as shielding, grounding and connectivity play major roles in high quality performance of cables which interconnect equipment together.

The first step in the aluminum foil screen with tinned copper braid shield cable manufacturing process is to take the raw copper wires and have a jacket extruded over it. The raw wires are first pulled through an extruder, the jacket is then molded over the wires, and then the jacketed wires are passed through a water bath for cooling. It is then re-spooled and prepared for the next step in the process, the adding of foil screen.

The planetary winder twists cables, adds multiple cables together, adds the foil screen and so on, and then a braid is woven over the foil screen, and a small drain wire is added so as to make connection easier. Then, another jacket is extruded over the shielded piece.

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