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Molded Cable Assemelies

Increased flex life, pull strength, and custom connectors are just a few of the benefits of plastic injection, over-molded assemblies.

These assemblies can be customized with company logos,

focus on our customers' unique applications and requirements.

Molding materials include PVC, polyurethane, TPE, and polyester.

meet the customer's current low-volume requirement and cost target.

lead to robust and reliable cable assemblies.

use connectors manufactured by companies such as Tyco/AMP, Molex, Packard, FCI, JST, Hirose, and ITT Cannon, Lemo, and Fischer.

mechanical cable assembly used for power and data exchange, require cable assemblies rugged and durable enough to withstand extreme conditions, less bulky, more flexible, highly reliable, and less expensive.

provide molded cable assembly for telecommunication, computer, consumer electronic products markets, or industrial applications,

satisfy all specification, such as UL, CSA,


custom designs for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

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